Caratteristiche principali:
– H.264 video compression Up to 4CIF resolution recording 2 x 2.5-inch SATA interfaces Patented hard disk vibration-proof and bracing technology;
– Built-in 3G (WCDMA/cdma2000) module (optional) Built-in GPS module CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4: 4-pin aviation plug for audio & video input andvoltage output of channel 1-4;
– Ch5-CH8: DB15-to- aviation plug for audio & video input and voltage output of channel 5-8;
– OUT: 4-pin aviation plug for video output and audio output and voltage output;
– RS232: 5-pin aviation plug for RS-232 and voltage output;
– RS422: 10-pin aviation plug for RS-422 and voltage output;
– POWER: 6-pin aviation plug for voltage input and KEY startup interface;
– GPS: GPS antenna;
– 3G (ANT1 ANT2): Wireless network main/aux antenna;
– WIFI (ANT4): WIFI antenna (reserved);
– SIM/SD CARD: SD/SDHC card interface; SIM/UIM card interface;
– USB: USB interface;
– LAN: Network interface;
– ALARM IN (1~3): Alarm input interface;
– SENSOR IN (4~8): Driving status interface. Channel 8 is reserved;
– ALARM OUT (1A 1B 2A 2B): Alarm (relay) output interface;
– Common terminal for alarm input and driving status input.